Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hades and Jacen Projects for Maya

Here are two projects I'm working in in my Maya Class.....

We made 2D characters in Photoshop and mapped them together in Maya. These Characters are limited in their motions due to their set up so don't expect him to amazing. It was just an introduction to modeling. I really like my character though! I made the BG so he'd be wiggling in space SOMEWHERE. The Photoshop "lights" wont be in the final. We have to include light sin our final project and I'm using Jacen as my final projects. So there will be bright, raving lights! WOO!

Reference for a 3D character we will start modeling in Maya. I have a strong feeling that we won't get very far on this... We might add paints in class but I'm not sure. There's some things off about the reference but It will do.

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