Friday, July 3, 2009

No I am still alive.

UH. Sometimes I forget this place exists, oops.
In good news I set up my blog with a custom domain name (looks sexier!). I bought a name back in April and never used it. I wish I would have set this up earlier because then I would probably would have gotten extra credit for my Business of Animation class (which was the point of buy the domain name) I also made a site for my BoA class but that failed in the end so I had a domain name laying around.
Now this place needs to be spiffed up! it's really plain. Ew.


Ha. Beast chibbs of my characters. Probably the most work I've done on a picture recently. Took me a few days because there's so many of them...Yeah they fluctuate in size/fatness but that's okay! They are more unique that way.

Character art for Kevin and Hops! I don't know what his purpose is. His name is Salvador.

Character art for Kevin and Hops! PAPA TIME MONKEY! He is father time and assists Kevin and Hops on their magical adventures.

Art for one of my Gaia Online avatars, Dante Foxheart. It turned out really cute. ;3;

My character Casper (beast form pictured above)! My first time drawing him in a full body picture. :x He's a dragon with a snake as for a tail! How badass!

A gift for my roommate. c:

My character Sota (beast form pictured above)! He has green fire. c:

My character Shelly (beast form pictured above)! :u it looks okay.

My own Mother Skye, an air deity.

~Animated Gifs~

Yeah most of the things I created in the past few weeks. I haven't had much art spirit lately. I started work on the 22nd which is me from 8-3 being an arts and crafts teacher's assistant for 5-12-year-olds. WEARS ME OUT. But I love it.

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