Saturday, November 28, 2009

Remind me to put guns in my high heels.

GAHH. I hope the colors are not god awful on this! ;__;When I was drawing this my color settings were messed up and when I converted it it was like DULL so I had to up the hue/saturation. Ugh.

My zafara, D. :3 She's ready for the Month of Celebration (December)!
I did this to see if I could get into the art gallery again, lol. Though I doubt it because it seems like they only take art from ~kids~. That's why I didn't spend 58290483758 hours on it.

Well this is the full uncompressed version. D: The one I submitted was like whatever by 500 and a jpg. Ewww.

Yay for big watermarks (it's neopets so you understand).

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