Friday, February 19, 2010


After a very long hiatus from my dinosaur project, I give you an update! I mean, I worked on it a little bit here and there but...fffff.

No sound yet.

I need to practice drawing fat kids. Also, I'm worried what I'm going to do for the part where the kids are running, I want to uniquely design the kids but animating each one will be hard...and kind of a waste of time (as in, the time I spend on that I could finish the rest of the piece). We'll see what happens. :/


Katelyn said...

idk for the kids, maybe just animate a generic looking one, then duplicate and customize their appearance from there

as long as you make them look different enough/time them out differently no one's gonna notice they're practically all the same

saramations said...


saramations said...

and yeah you are right no one will notice but they would notice an unfinished scene.