Friday, June 11, 2010

Clay Works Update!

Long time no post! I haven't been doing anything exciting...Just working my new job at SHAW'S. Blaaaah.
I'm bored so I will post my clay pieces I made during Clay Works I! It was very fun. :D
Enjoy the horrible photos!

Some of these pieces are for sale! The talon and shell are pretty bad ass! They would look great in your space! I will take better photos of the for sale pieces soon...If you ever want to see what I am selling check the "for sale" tag!

(FOR SALE) A turtle shell! Red clay with glaze.

(NOT FOR SALE) A Hops pencil holder I designed for myself! Red clay with brown slip and another glaze on the inside.

Left side of above. Just showing the texture and color variation.

Probably my most popular clay piece! Red clay with brown (forget the formal name) slip.

(FOR SALE) LEAF! Red clay with a green Speedball glaze.

(FOR SALE) A clay egg with a weird bird fetus inside! White clay with mamo white and another glaze.

(NOT FOR SALE) A kitsune on a slab of white clay with a brown slip. It cracked in the kiln but it glued it back together with clear glaze. =)

(NOT FOR SALE) An unfinished kitsune charm. White clay. About 1" tall.

Okay this is NOT anything I did in clay but still awesome! Bought a ceramic elephant from Goodwill and painted it with ceramic paint. Glued on glitter for the bow using tacky glue. He's really adorable!

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