Sunday, March 10, 2013

Three Months Later...

Shiroi and Ivan! I wanted to try a softer look with thin lines. Turned out pretty good and I enjoyed it.

And Here is a simple LT "doll" I made in about two hours. :) Blogger did weird compression things to it...I would like to offer these as possible commissions in the future.

So far this year art has been... Alright for me. Nothing too exciting. Still helping with Drawing with Mark and I'm happy to say that things are looking really good! We are done with all the horrendous masking-over-the-creepy-puppet phase! It's all green screen from here. I've been altering parts of my resume and websites lately... Searching here and there for jobs. I feel like my art is suffering because I've been bogged down with trying to get a day job, still. Ho-hum. So that doesn't put me in the best of moods.

I've also been getting back into sewing! Mostly small dolls... I'll have to add a separate entry for them soon and maybe talk about my experience for far.

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Jessica Leung said...

Whoa I thought you already had a day-job for some reason o.o;;